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Compost aeration is a critical factor in the success of organic waste decomposition, and the key to unlocking its full potential lies in utilising a reliable compost turner. The importance of aeration in composting cannot be overstated; it facilitates the introduction of oxygen, a vital element for the aerobic microorganisms responsible for breaking down organic matter. Without proper aeration, the composting process can become anaerobic, leading to unpleasant odors, inefficient decomposition, and the formation of harmful byproducts.

A dependable compost turner plays a pivotal role in ensuring consistent and thorough aeration throughout the compost pile. Its design allows for the efficient turning and mixing of organic materials, preventing compaction and creating a well-aerated environment that promotes the proliferation of beneficial microbes. This not only accelerates the decomposition process but also enhances the quality of the resulting compost, yielding a nutrient-rich end product that can significantly benefit soil health.

Introducing the Tomcat WN1600 Compost Turner, Australia’s foremost PTO compost turners

The WN1600 is the perfect light-weight, easily transportable windrow aerator, popular amongst farmers, contractors and small scale compost producers. The heart of all our turners is in the patented drum and flail design. Our flails are extremely abrasion resistant, making them impervious to small rocks and debris; saving you time and money. Our patented design aerates material as it mixes – left to right – right to left – top to bottom – bottom to top and inside out.

WM1600 is capable of turning up to 96m3 (57t) per hour or 184,000m3 (110,000t) annually. Available on its own custom road towable trailer, the WN1600 needs a mere 30hp of tractor power to power the PTO driven drum and provide you with maximum throughput.

Investing in a high-quality Tomcat compost turner is an investment in the success of the composting venture, guaranteeing optimal aeration and contributing to the overall sustainability of organic waste management. As a reliable ally in the composting journey, the WN1600 becomes an indispensable tool for those committed to harnessing the full potential of organic materials in a manner that is both environmentally responsible and agriculturally beneficial.


  • Max operating width: 4.2m
  • Max operating height:  1.9m
  • Tractor: Min 30Hp
  • Speed: Creeper/crawl gear
  • Windrow width: 1.6m
  • Windrow height: 1m
  • Speed: 200m/h
  • Drum diameter (including flails): 600mm
  • Length of drum: 1.6m
  • Drive: Direct PTO
  • Height: Manual adjusted control
  • Canopy direct irrigation system
  • Hydraulic controlled vertical transport mode


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