Established in 2009 in South Africa, Tomcat Chippers launched into the Australian and New Zealand market in 2017. The number 1 selling wood chipper brand in South Africa, Tomcat Chippers are built for the rugged arboricultural conditions. By designing and manufacturing equipment that is simple, robust and reliable, and fostering meaningful, trustworthy relationships, we know our customers will have more capacity to optimise their business, spend less time on maintenance and more time enjoying life.

The Tomcat Chippers Australia team provides the entire range of Tomcat product sales, hire, training and service support. Tomcat Chippers come in the full range of shapes and sizes, from the 4″ self powered push model perfect for garden services and landscapers, through to the large 15″ diesel powered unit that is preferred by arborists and contractors.

If it’s not Tomcat, it’s just a chipper.