Tomcat 375AFE

By Design

Ever wonder what Bear Grills would use to clear out a Siberian forest? This is it!

  • The 375AFE, with it’s massive 375mm (15″) capacity, features a centrifugal clutch system, 125 Hp PERKINS Water-cooled Diesel engine, bottom feed stop bar, top feed reverse bar and Tomcat designed Intelifeed feed-sensing control system.
  • Fully industrial high production unit. The drum is fitted with 4 blades creating the perfect cut.
  • The reliable 125 Hp PERKINS Water-cooled Diesel engine supplies the most efficient power to fuel ratio of any 15″ chipper on the market.
  • The large infeed opening (1500mm x 800mm) makes feeding irregular material easier and decreases the amount of saw cuts needed prior to feeding the chipper.
  • The hydraulic lift cylinder gives the operator the ultimate control—improving efficiency by crushing side branches and allows the top feed roller to climb onto large logs with ease.
  • Our exclusive Intelifeed, feed-sensing control system, helps increase operator productivity and reduces strain on vital engine parts, as engine rpm is monitored and feed rollers are controlled.
  • A bottom feed stop bar is strategically located to make it possible for the operator’s leg to strike the bar and shut off the feed mechanism either intentionally or automatically in an emergency situation.
  • Mounted on a double wide axle trailer with a wide footprint at the axle for side-to-side stability; additionally enhances transportability and visibility while backing up.
The Specs
Series Features:
  • PARKER Hydraulics
  • Reversing Auto Feed
  • Hydraulic Lift Cylinder
  • 3.5 Ton Registered Trailer
  • Bottom Feed Stop Bar
  • Forward/Reverse Bar
  • Foldable Feed Tray
  • Swivel Discharge Chute
  • Hour Meter
  • 4-Sided Anvil
  • Sealed Bearings
  • Chipper Capacity (mm): 375
  • Chipper Opening (mm): 375 x 440
  • In-feed Hopper (mm): 1500 x 800
  • Feed System: Double hydraulic in-feed rollers
  • Feed Rate: 10-30 Meters per minute
  • Chipper Cutting System: Drum with 4 x double sided blades
  • Discharge Chute: 360 Degree Manual Swivel Discharge Chute with Chip Deflector
  • Hydraulic System: Reversing auto-feed system with flow control
  • Hydraulic Motors: Parker
  • Length: 5200
  • Width: 1900
  • Height: 2900
  • Engine: 125Hp PERKINS Diesel
In Action