Rent a Tomcat

Owning a Tomcat may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you want to clean up some of that yard overgrowth. Whether your’e just tiding the backyard, clearing trees on the farm, or that pile of branches from 1973, we can help you tick off the to-do list using the best option for the job …. just rent a Tomcat!

For now Tomcats are only roaming the Victorian state, but will be expanding the territory very soon … unless you want to adopt one!

There are three cats to choose from:

The Alley Cat

Introducing the 100mm (4″) gravity feed 100CDT, perfect for the weekend gardener, small holding cleanups and garden services. Easy to transport and easy to move around in confined spaces, with a BIG appetite! Tame it for $120/day.

The Bush Cat

The 150mm (6″) Honda V-Twin petrol engine powered hydraulic Intelifeed 150AFE chipper. For those jobs that look too big to tackle, that pile of branches and trees that just grows bigger every time you look at it. The 150AFE eats procrastination in 30 cubic meter an hour chunks! Snare it for $250 for 4hrs or $350 for a full day.

The Farm Cat

The tractor powered 150AFP is just as hungry as it’s city slicker cousin, though it works in partnership with your 30hp or larger tractor, making it the first choice of farmers and land holders. Hitch it to the back of the trusty tractor and drive to where the action is. Mulch it for $350 a day.

Log Splitter

The hard working Tomcat log splitter is small but practical. Designed with a horizontal splitting function for smaller diameter logs and an easy to use vertical swivel action for your larger diameter logs. A 15 ton hydraulic cylinder exerts pressure of up to 400 bar to crack the hardest of wood. Split it for only $100 a day